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Daniel Knight is the founder of SideKick and since his early 20’s has been building local businesses as an inspired up and coming entrepreneur. In 2010 Daniel suffered a devastating loss of his beloved aunty to cancer. He hit an all time low and as a result of his loss as understandable. Daniel being the determined, driven person he is did not let ruin him and set his biggest goals yet. While most people would set small challenges, Daniel set a seemingly impossible one, to take the UK Kickboxing scene by storm, and he did just that. He set up a company that sold Kickboxing/MMA equipment, from sparring gloves, to fighting gloves, MMA gloves, Gi’s, bags etc. Daniel isn’t just a retailer in the leading UK fight brand but he’s also graded as a black belt in kickboxing, and has a mountain of experience under his belt. As he felt it was a big part of his life then what better business venture to go on. Before sidekick, Daniel would import other big brands and sell them off before coming up with the best idea he has made to date, SideKick.

The company then set off to take over the market, working almost right away with world kickboxing governing bodies. The company went from strength to strength working with champions in all areas of combat sports. As the company grew Daniel decided to start making MMA products such as BJJ Gi’s, gloves etc and another great idea paid off. In 2012 the two first sponsored fighters were chosen, one of them being Celebrity MMA fighter Alex Reid and the other being a world champion kickboxer. The brand appeared on channel 5 in an MMA fight in which Alex Reid was in, the company has never looked back since.

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Now in 2015 Daniel says the company will continue to strive and grow, with new ideas and new people working with the company it feels more like a family rather than a company. Also SideKick is now endorsed by the most accomplished fighter sidekick have had, 4 time kickboxing world champion Andrew “king cobra” Tate. Daniel says the plans for the future are to break into other sports as well as they have done into kickboxing and continue to help up and coming fighters accomplish their dreams, and work with world champions alike.
The reason that SideKick has grown so quickly and been so successful is because of one mans dream to do what he was passionate about. All of the above is a testament to Daniels hard work and commitment and now he knows there’s nothing he can’t achieve. The future is bright for SideKick and everyone involved will no doubt benefit in some way as he is known for his generosity and help to professional fighters and up and coming amateurs. Watch out for sidekick!

Scottish and proud. I train everyday and like to take everything I do to the max. I am very passionate about MMA. I am not scared of winning, I am scared to death of losing.

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