Battle of Britain hits Sheffield as ACB70 comes back to Sheffield Arena

ACB70 comes back to Sheffield Arena on the 23rd September for another massive card, With the main event being Battle of Britain, aLuke Barnett goes to war with Scott Askham also many other big fights under the main event.

Fight details below but are not in order of when they fight.

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Middleweight 84 kg England Luke Barnatt vs. England Scott Askham
Middleweight 84 kg Flag of RussiaIbragim Chuzhigaev vs. United States Will Noland
Welterweight 77 kg Flag of Russia Husein Kushagov vs. United States Adam Townsend
Featherweight 66 kg

Flag of GermanyBubba Jenkins

vs. Brazil Diego Marlon
Welterweight 77 kg Russia Ismail Naurdiev vs. Brazil Ismael De Jesus
Lightweight 70 kg England Kane Mousah vs. England Alex Enlund
Welterweight 77 kg Russia Magomed Ginazov vs.  TBA
Welterweight 77 kg England Ashley Reece vs. England Sam Boult
Bantamweight 61 kg Russia Kharon Orzumiev vs. Czech Republic Filip Macek
Featherweight 66 kg England Shoaib Yousaf vs. England Jordan Vucenic
Flyweight 57 kg England Aaron Robinson vs. England Cheya Saleem
Welterweight 77 kg England Danny Tombs vs. England Gavin Sterritt
Bantamweight 61 kg  Luke EnglandShanks vs. England Adam Bramhald
Flyweight 57 kg Wales Aaron Aby vs. England Daniel Missin
Featherweight 66 kg England Richard Herbert vs. England Jordan Barton


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